#1 Click on the add business at home page top right Add Business.

Select plan

#1 Enter your Business or Company name.

#2 Enter your business tag line.

#3 Enter Google location (if place available in Google)

#4 Enter your business or company City. (IMPORTANT! This is for Search)

#5 Enter your Business or Company phone/contact number.

#6 WhatsApp – Please enter 61 follow by your number. eg 61123456789

#7 Enter your Business or Company website.

P.S. If Google Location does not have your place, you can add manual and drop pin. See picture as below.

Guide For Manual Address / Map Pin

1 Enter your Business or Company address manually.

2 Popup Google Map, drag the pin to your place.

3 Enter location map Latitude and Longitude. If you not sure just follow #2 guide, select drop pin, it will automatic input for you. Type AUSTRALIA if you service Australia Wide.

#1 Add your business category, can select multiple categories. (IMPORTANT! This is for Search and IF YOU DON’T SEE YOUR CATEGORY please message us and we can add it.)

#2 Mention your price expenses from your business, can tell people about price range.

#3 Opening and closing time. Default time can be edit, more days can be added. ONLINE SHOPS open 24 hours open just check the box “24 Hours”.

#1 Social media URL, let people know your official social media account.

#2 FAQ – Frequent ask question. You can add more, click at the “+” button.

#3 Description about your business, products or services.

#4 Tags & keywords let your business more easy to get search.

#1 Business video, recommend using YouTube.

#2 Business, product, services photo, support drag & drop.

#3 Feature image is displaying at the search archive, side bar.

#4 If you don’t have an account, just enter you register email & user name to login, your password will send to your register email.

#5 Australian Christian Business Directory Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions. Read & check before submit.

#6 Google reCAPTCHA security.

#7 Submit & preview your business, our team will take sometimes to check and approved.

Then finalise by clicking PAY & PUBLISH.